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Mercury in retrograde 12222 – when does it happen and what does the astrological event mean?

Taurus, on the other hand, is the Fixed Earth sign, meaning it thrives on stability and regularity, moreso than any other. Some of the inevitable changes will be repressed, as denizens of the pasture try to contain or minimize disruptions.

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This strategy is unlikely to work, as not only does it delay the inevitable, it often worsens it. When the tension between tectonic plates is dispersed regularly through small quakes, there is a minimum of destruction. It is when that tension cannot be released that a big quake builds up. There is a lesson here for handling Uranus in Taurus, especially for those born to the Bull.

Taurus is a Venus-ruled sign, and thus concerned with the arts. The ingress of slow-moving planets into a new sign is often accompanied by dramatic worldly events. It is thus worth keeping an eye on March when Uranus again ingresses into Taurus, the month, interestingly enough, when the UK is currently scheduled to break with the EU. Uranus will be in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn until , when all three change signs. There is a rare synchronization between their cycles in — they all change in the same year, a most unusual thing.

Not only will Uranus, Neptune and Pluto remain in the same signs until , but until then they will all be in signs of a yin or passive quality, and then enter signs of a yang or active quality. It will thus be Uranus in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn which will accompany us across the threshold of , effectively bridging the end-times of the two-century Earth Era and the early days of the Air one.


The arguments by Carneades, who left no writings, have been reconstructed as the following:. This delivery guy finds the four riders in the places around the world and delivers each one a message and things. Just click on the celebrities of your choice to get their interactive natal chart, planetary dominants and excerpts of astrological portrait. Malbec has a deep and sweet full body bound to leave you wanting more. You just have to pay attention. As hopeless of a romantic as they can be, a Taurus is always on the defense.

As always, the longer the trend, the smarter it is to understand and adapt early. This means that the year will have some decidedly bipolar moments — glorious when configurations highlight Jupiter, and extra dark when they spotlight Saturn-Pluto-Ketu. Jupiter entered Sagittarius on November 8 th , and will be there until its entrance into Capricorn on December 2 nd , Sagittarius is one of the two signs ruled by Jupiter, the other being Pisces. When a planet is in the sign it rules, such as with Jupiter in Sagittarius, its nature is expressed powerfully and clearly, without any odd zodiacal admixtures or contradictions.

Jupiter is uplifting, powerful, moderate, triumphant, priestly, wise, optimistic and enthusiastic. Jupiter offers blessings of both a spiritual and material nature, as happy to lay a benediction on a bank account as upon a pious forehead. Jupiter spurs growth and expansion, and smiles on education. In Sagittarius, Jupiter buoys spirits and is more than happy to get behind our attempts to increase the good in our lives and selves.

Jupiter aspects only one of the other slow-moving planets this year, Neptune in Pisces.

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Jupiter makes three squares with Neptune this year, one in January, one in June, and the last in September. While Jupiter is buoyant but substantial, Neptune is otherworldly, and points to the shifty, ambiguous realm of dreams. Both Jupiter and Neptune are expansive and spiritual, but Neptune knows no limits, and is happy to kidnap people off to the land of the faeries and return them wondering what happened. This series of squares thus widens the scope of what dreams are possible to realize with Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Neptune dosing Jupiter with imagination will also prompt some people to set wildly unrealistic expectations. As I wrote of it in Saturn highlights the way time changes things, and separates the enduring from the fleeting. For living beings, time always leads to death, another fundamental Saturn theme. Relationships with the past and the dead are thus well within the Saturnian sphere. Saturn is the Greater Malefic in astrology, as it brings deprivation, fear, excessive cold, brittle-ness, depression, confinement and exclusion.

Yet Saturn also teaches the virtues of patience, discipline, endurance and duty, and shows us how to maintain glacial calm in even the worst conditions. This time around, Saturn shares Capricorn with Pluto. Pluto has powerful effect on planets it conjoins, pushing them to extremes, exposing their internal contradictions and ultimately transforming them.

Pluto demands that we look at the depths of our Saturnian desires for security, control and organization. Now let us consider the third factor, the South Node. Body-less, It is a shadow that nonetheless has the power to affect the substantial. Ketu is a cleaning, purifying influence. Yet the process of detoxification requires that we get right up close to the toxic and putrid. When the body purges, one is left with quite a mess.

Ketu thus targets the intense Saturn-Pluto conjunction for alchemical processing. The Saturn-Pluto materia, being composed of our relationship to fear, death, power, control guilt and responsibility, makes this a particularly dangerous operation, as the fumes given off are loaded with psychic poisons.

In Jyotish, the South Node-Saturn combination gives rise to two yogas. In a natal chart, it suggests that the person has to deal with unhappy, unwell ancestors, and will need to work on complicated multigenerational karmas, and that they will suffer to the degree that they are unable to heal or resolve those issues. The South-Node Saturn combination is also said to give rise to shraddha yoga. Shraddha is Sanskrit for a sincere ritual act, but particularly one performed in mourning for a funeral.

In a natal chart it means that the native is likely to suffer as a result of improperly mourning one of their parents.

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In the case of both of these yogas, the theme is an unresolved relationship with the past. The medicine is reconciling oneself with those no longer here, and also helping the dead themselves to find resolution and peace. This sorry business with the dead is evident on a historical level right now, as globally we are in the midst of an attempt to come to terms with the Earth Era, and the centuries of oppression and pain which it entailed. The same configuration which points clearly to this on a collective level also spotlights it on smaller scales.

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The Saturn-Pluto-South Node combination unseals coffins, and calls the dead to testify. Although this configuration taps whole oil-fields worth of pain and injustice, it is nonetheless a profound opportunity to engage consciously in the healing process. This section looks at on a more micro level, picking out significant configurations month by month. June and July are, hands down, the hardest months of the year, while December is a solid 3 rd in the brutality rankings.

Meanwhile, August, April and September all have some bright moments and lovely configurations.

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February, March and May are all mixed in nature. October and November are also mixed, but tending toward the negative.

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January, though it presents challenges, has those offset by some very positive configurations. January is, as a whole, a mix of the favorable and unpleasant, and of the fiery and the earthy. Mars is in Aries and Jupiter in Sagittarius for the entirety of the month, making sure there is an abundance of exciting fire.

Venus joins Jupiter in Sagittarius on the 7 th , putting both benefics together in the same sign. Together, Venus and Jupiter dole out good fortune and good times. Uranus stations direct in Aries, another fire sign, on the 6 th , catalyzing latent changes with fingers of red lightning.

Fire is activating, arousing, and inspiring. It facilitates goal-oriented behavior and makes people eager to take on challenges and celebrate successes.

These configurations are heavy and pragmatic, and ask that we deal with both practical matters, as well as the worries and anxieties which cling to them. This is the first Eclipse on the Cancer-Capricorn axis, which begins a series which will continue until mid These changes break us out of the heavy-earth elemental pattern, adding some much-needed air to the mix. The lunar Eclipse in Leo is the last of the Leo-Aquarius series which began in early Being the last, it will bring that arc to a conclusion, and facilitate clarity as to the nature and purpose of the cycle as a whole.

After a pair of Eclipses in January, February is a return to normal lunations. Mars spends half of the month powerful in bombastic Aries before downshifting into Taurus on the 14 th. There is thus a big difference in pacing between the first and second half of the month. Just before entering Taurus on the 14 th , Mars conjoins Uranus in Aries. Mars-Uranus conjunctions can be individually empowering, as they ignite the desire for freedom and personal sovereignty. Howeverm, they are best dealt with solo, as their spark can easily ignite arguments. Furthermore, Mars-Uranus conjunctions often accompany shocking and violent events on a collective level.