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Horoscope for the Week: July 11, 2014

Visit our FAQ page for more information. Comments Share your thoughts. Over the course of , significant astrological cycles will unfold and new ones will begin that will activate measurable changes for us all. Jupiter in powerful Scorpio as of October and Saturn in its own powerful sign of Capricorn as of late December will lead the charge. They will introduce new leaders on the world stage stimulating new social policies and important economic trends.

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In mid-April, the maverick planet Chiron will enter bold and pioneering Aries inspiring us all to be more pro-active regarding authentic self-actualization. Then, in mid-May, mover and shaker Uranus will make its debut in Taurus to begin a 7-year cycle plowing ahead with the finesse of a bulldozer. New levels of authority and responsibility are on the rise. These come on the heels of a rather sharp turn in your public and professional life.

Financial returns appear to be leaning in your favor and with Mars in Scorpio, you have likely been ambitiously negotiating for this result. This process of change will continue well into The winds of change are blowing hard for everyone.

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Fortunately for you, in many respects, they appear to be flowing in your favor. Looking back upon the past few years you will notice that you have changed significantly and not solely in appearance. Now a new revolutionary momentum is building.

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Some rather deep and complex currents are influencing you. These may not yet be entirely apparent. They can be understood to be occurring both within, perhaps subconsciously, and behind the scenes as well.

Positively, your energy levels and stamina have increased over the past several months and will continue through January. Some important shifts are occurring that will affect your public and professional life and, subsequently, some of your most important relationships. New levels of commitment and responsibility are implied.

Fortunately, there are indications that you are in a playful and sporting mood. The time has come to build new foundations. These are especially linked to your employment and lifestyle.

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A strong theme of learning and of improvement is indicated. Circumstances will guide you to cultivate latent talents and potentials. In the shorter term, a process of emotional clearing and even of renovation is indicated. An important and powerful series of cycles have begun. These will lead you to fortify your position in the world. Your essential philosophy of life and subsequent attitude and approach is destined to change accordingly.

Already circumstances are guiding you to take new leads and on a variety of fronts. You have entered a time cycle that may be interpreted as sobering. Positively, it will make you strong and challenge you to build more depth of character. Deciphering directions that will amount to more income or secure your investments is especially important now. To these ends, you will gather important facts and information.

Horoscope for the Week: May 9, 2014

Sunstar Astrology: Professional Astrologer and Life Coach, 25 Years Experience. This is where the profound insights and guidance that astrology affords can Enjoy the convenience of your Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Horoscopes, sent to.

An important cycle indicative of completion of important chapters has begun. Slowly but surely prior commitments are dissolving. Positively, you feel inspired regarding the future prospects implied. Important changes on relationship fronts are brewing and could well amount to increase and the realization of long cherished dreams.

Getting down and dirty can have a variety of interpretations.

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Among them is a sober, grounded and determined approach to secure your material foundation. This could, of course, include key career moves. Yet, the health and quality of your lifestyle are also indicated.

In the short term, it may be best to design a plan and get emotionally ready for new assertions. By now you should be feeling the gravity of this time. It could amount to weighted emotions or it could be experienced as a breakthrough inspiring new leads and initiatives. In fact, you may feel strong, like you could walk through walls, or at least you would if you could.

Implied here is an attitude comprised of revolutionary resolve. The time has come to take time out. A retreat would suffice, but simply staying home might prove most satisfying. It is not a matter of not being able to meet the world, it is one of desire. Yet, you may be fine and if could even prove satisfying to have high quality but minimal time shared socially. You may also feel the need to rest deeply at every opportunity. Some positive momentums are underway. These are inspiring an adventurous mood.

Returns for past efforts combined with aspirations to increase and expand are contributing to your resolve. Yet, circumstances may be pressuring you, as well, producing at least some background anxiety.


The strength and quality of your stance in the world is a core theme. In the chart cast for this exact moment are several noteworthy aspects. These include Saturn and the Sun at almost exact conjunction with Saturn now officially in its own sign for the next 2. Mercury remains retrograde and stationary, which means by December 22 nd it turns direct again. Jupiter at 15 Scorpio is at the exact mid-point of the North and South Node which are at 15 degrees of Leo and Aquarius respectively, otherwise understood as the apex of a T-Square.

The moon is waxing and in the early degrees of Aquarius. True, it is Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, but when we consider the importance of the North Pole and the Pole Star, it can be appreciated that the North Pole takes on a prominence like a crown for the planet.

So, this exact moment in time produces a chart that can be understood to represent important themes that will unfold over the course of the year. While interpretations can never be pat and final in astrology because how this chart compares with that of every country, state, province, city, legal institution, and person in the world, of course, produces many expressions of the cosmic chemistry that astrology measures. I will elaborate upon these themes in my Winter Solstice Newsletter.